Thursday, January 21, 2010

Art deco home designs

Art deco home designs 1

Art deco home designs 2

Art deco home designs 3

[U+B Architects] Even though the house’s design is quite typical for this Indian region it isn’t typical for u+b architects, which usually design contemporary homes. Decorative finishes of the home include: custom patterned and colored terrazzo floors, hand cut mosaic tile work and hand-wrought iron doors and handrails. A lot of exterior’s and interior’s elements are exclusive craftsmanship by local artists. Thanks to the climate house’s painting is in contrast with green grass around it all year long.

The materials and colors link the house to the surrounding architecture and landscape while deep overhangs protect from the hot sun and provide generous outdoor living spaces. This residence was designed by U+B Architects in an Art Deco style deeply influenced by the traditions and environment of Marrakesh.


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