Monday, January 11, 2010

A Playful Project

One of my goals for the end of the year was to take pictures of the projects I worked on in 2009. Unfortunately and fortunately the end of the year was busier than usual and that goal will have to carry on for a while. I did however get to take some shots from a very fun project, a playroom for a wonderful family. ***These are not professional shots, I took them so please excuse the lighting, blurriness, spots, reflections and general lack of photo quality***
We started out by adding the stripes to the walls. The space was so big I wanted to bring it in some- I wanted it to be cozier but in an interesting way. By painting stripes on the two long parallel walls we were able to make a big effect without having to paint the whole room which would have been costly.
Different art was considered as options for the walls but instead we chose to do blown up photos in bright painted frames. The piece of furniture above is a reproduction ice chest which I thought gave a little character to the space.
We tied the colors together in the pillows, this large monogram pillow was one of my favorites.
Since the room featured a large animal head above the TV we added our own version on the opposite wall for some humor.
(Once again sorry for the poor photos)
The light above the pool table and the table below were custom made, it was nice to add a different texture to the room.
There are a lot of special elements to the room but one that I really like the most is this table. A game table was a must but I wanted it to be special and this one is gorgeous. The finish is amazing and I love it next to the barley twist chairs and geometric prints.
*I promise more project pictures to follow but bear with me , it may take some time to go back and get pictures that are decent
**If you live around Birmingham and need a good painted I can give the guys information who painted these stripes for us. I know at first when I gave him my drawing with measurements he must have thought I was crazy but he did a perfect job with parallel stripes on very long walls.


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