Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The traditional dining

nice traditional dining

nice traditional dining

The Meanwhile, to narrow the very wide room, you can decorate the room with the plant life that high-pitched, with hangings of rich color, or extra furniture such as tables, console or rack cabinet from China. If the window is opened directly to the kitchen area can be very efficient and helpful. If the mess you are small, there is a good idea to add extra windows to create an impression more knowledgeable.

Together with a large window walls and bright colors. For dining with a wide, will feel empty with furniture such as a tiny table with no other furniture decorator. Moreover, with the added detail that curtain weight. Hall which is very small and narrow, for example, will feel full and crowded with furniture if applied large, dark colored, and the walls a dark color as well. Determine the size of space is the color choice of rooms and furniture to fill the appropriate space to eat it.

The first factor is the size of the room. Interior design or a room in this hall, is determined by several factors. One is the basic design of interior space to eat it. Before choosing a wall color and furniture that will be placed, there are some basic considerations that should be considered first.

Design a space to eat can be very challenging, depending on the formality of the room, the number of people eating there, as well as events such as eating what you want is held. One area that is included in the category space is functional hall.


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