Tuesday, April 13, 2010

lonny 4 a tired retread of domino?

lonny 4 is borderline drekitude.

a faithful gwd reader writes:

What's your take on the new lonny? It does seem stronger, and everyone seems to be loving on it; however, to me it looks like more of the same old same old, a tired retread of domino, not inspired by domino.

White wall rooms with an "eclectic" group of furniture? check.

Gallery walls? check.

Black or charcoal bedrooms with white bedding? check.

Vignette after vignette crammed with random crap? check.

Even some of the things I like look tired.

I mean, Nick Olsen is cute and talented, but his apartment looks exactly like Miles Redd's first one: crammed with junk, painted floor, plus a low cost version of his current townhouse. I know Nick worked for him, so it's not a shock they have the same taste, but it ain't exactly groundbreaking.

The good news is after looking at page after page of all those cluttered rooms, I'm in the mood to streamline even more of my own art and accessories.

thank u gentle reader. lonny can't keep up. it looks like a blog but not as good.


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