Saturday, April 3, 2010

potty mouths

thanks to the girls at the skirted round table 4 the mention. gosh, i didn't think anybody but my 69 followers ever read gwd. (thanks & luv 2 my 69!)
go listen & read. lots of bitching & moaning & trash talking under the guise of serious discussion from the usual suspects.
r they the new queens of snark? i thought snark was declared dead.
all hail the queens (including his highness stephen drucker & his lowness poor old pitiful anon douche 21 who keeps grinding the imaginary axe 4 his fair lady heather).
lighten up it's only a blog. or is it?

the royal decree from queen stephen. methinks he played a bit of the snark card under the guise of ye olde soapbox.

ps no need to fear gwd girls. gwd really doesn't care. & gwd likes all of u. & gwd is a nothing blog with absolutely no power. & everything snarky & mean has been said by ur readers out there. gwd can't top it!


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