Thursday, February 18, 2010

fashion week lounge

kind of cheezy & swarmy lounge at fashion week nyc

from the luxist:

Each year Mercedes-Benz partners with a new designer, and this year they chose an interiors classic, Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams, creators of some of the most innovative and comfortable furniture design in the country. The lounge was influenced by Mercedes-Benz latest ad campaign for their new SLS AMG, a modern reinterpretation of their classic 1954 Gullwing. The ad, taken by groundbreaking photographer Nick Knight features German supermodel Julia Stegner, who wears a Gareth Pugh metal dress inspired by the design of the SLS AMG itself. The futuristic photo set the mood for the forward thinking behind Mercedes in the lounge.

Mitchell Gold stopped by the lounge once complete to talk about his vision behind the decor. "We started with recognizing Mercedes-Benz's new introduction of the great SLS AMG," Gold told Luxist. "We thought it was very cool looking, very sleek, and yet when you're sitting in the cockpit you're enveloped in comfort." The resulting lounge mixed modern and classic elements with a white vinyl tufted bar with silver buttons, white Lucite coffee tables, gunmetal vinyl ottomans, and insanely soft white faux suede loveseats.


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