Tuesday, February 23, 2010

those crazy skating outfits

1. usa goes bollywood!
2. british hillbillies!!

3. russian aborigines!!!

4. canadian class!!!!!

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Honestly I did not know that ice dancing was an Olympic sport until 2010. I may be really behind the curve, but it never seemed to interest me. I loved when the pairs figure skaters would leap and lift, twist and twirl, in awe defying stunts done on figure skates. Ice dancing does not have that same awe feeling that I like to have when watching the Olympics.

This year, however, ice dancing has been a huge focus in the Vancouver Winter Games. Was it the controversy of the Russian pairs aboriginal outfits during the ice dancing free skate. More information that I did not know about ice dancing is there are three parts to the ice dancing competition: compulsory dance, the Tango (which was decided for these games), and the free skate. History shows that during the free skate the ice dancers usually get "silly." The theme for the free skate, or original dance, was folk/country dance. It was quite strange because you have the German's doing Hawaiian, Chinese doing Greek, American's doing Bollywood and Moldovian, and Canadian's doing Flamenco.

In the end the Canadian's held their place on the center podium, American's Davis and White pulled into second place, and Russian's Oksana Domnina and Maksim Shaballin won third. The Russian's were in first however after the free skate they dropped, could it have been the costume controversy?

To watch videos of the Ice Dancing go to nbcolympics.com


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