Tuesday, October 5, 2010

houswives in & out

"Housewives" fans, unite! What started as a single Bravo reality series back in 2006 has grown into a six-edition ratings powerhouse. With the franchise spawning reunion specials and spinoffs galore, fans can't seem to get enough of these women's luxurious lifestyles… or their extension-yanking catfights.

But great reality TV never stands still — and the "Housewives" on our favorite editions are coming and going at a rapid rate. With Season 3 of Atlanta debuting Monday and the D.C. edition wrapping up Thursday, we're taking a look at which ladies are leaving these shows (voluntarily or not), and who's taking their place.


Out: Lisa Wu-Hartwell

Business-minded football wife Lisa was always the normal, relatable one among the Atlanta banshees… but people don't tune in to reality shows to watch normal, relatable people, do they? Plus, with last season seeing her and husband Ed downsizing to a less-than-opulent home, maybe she couldn't keep up with the franchise's spend-now-file-bankruptcy-later lifestyle. She may pop up in a few episodes this season, though — breaking up fights, no doubt.

In: Cynthia Bailey

Any surprise she's a model? NeNe's close friend Cynthia once graced the cover of Essence and walked the runways in Paris and Milan; now she's settled in Atlanta with 10-year-old daughter Noelle and boyfriend Peter. But after three years together, Peter wants to put a wedding ring on her finger. Will this marriage-phobe give in and tie the knot?

In: Phaedra Parks

This entertainment attorney is no stranger to TV cameras: Phaedra has appeared as a legal analyst on NBC and Fox News, and been profiled by various news magazines in connection with her A-list clients. But this friend to Kandi and Dwight has a few skeletons hanging in her closet: Her young husband, Apollo, spent time in prison (gasp!) for a white-collar crime.

New York

Out: Bethenny Frankel

After last season's screeching showdowns with Jill and Kelly, it's not a shock that our favorite quip-machine is hightailing it off the show. And why not? She's finally content with husband Jason and newborn daughter Bryn, and her solo spinoff "Bethenny Getting Married?" proved she could carry her own show. She is contractually obligated, though, to make a few appearances on "New York" next season. (You can't escape Jill's evil clutches that easily, Bethenny.)

In: Cindy Barshop (rumored)

NYC's Ramona (always a blabbermouth) spilled the beans to Us Weekly that this owner of a chain of day spas would be joining the cast this season. (No confirmation yet from Bravo, though.) One red flag: Along with running a business, Cindy's a single mom to twin baby girls. How will she ever find the time to do all the gossiping and wine-drinking this show requires?

New Jersey

Out: Danielle Staub

Ding dong, the witch is gone. The shrillest, craziest "Housewife" of all (and that's saying a lot) reportedly got the ax and won't be a part of New Jersey's upcoming Season 3. The ever-delusional Danielle insists that she's considering many options right now, including her own Bethenny-style spinoff. Good luck with that… we won't be watching.

In: Melissa Gorga (rumored)

On a show that saw its "Housewives" dwindle to a mere four by last season's finale, there was bound to be new blood — and Radar Online is reporting Teresa's sister-in-law Melissa will be the next infusion. Married to Teresa's brother Giuseppe, Melissa puts Teresa's spending habits to shame; she lives in an enormous $4 million mansion, and employs two live-in nannies. But Teresa's reportedly not too happy about her sis-in-law joining the show. Do we sense another table-flip in the near future?

Orange County

Out: Lynne Curtin

After a tumultuous season-and-a-half run that saw her get an on-air facelift (yikes!) and evicted from her swanky Laguna Beach home (double yikes!), Lynne confirmed via Facebook that she's been dropped from the show. Using many exclamation points, the brunette jewelry designer expressed her belief that a Lynne-and-family spinoff is in the works. Great… slot it right after the Danielle Staub spinoff that'll never air.

In: Fernanda Rocha (rumored)

The producers apparently thought the show could use a little more sun-kissed skin — this is southern California, after all — and approached this gorgeous personal trainer about being a full-time OC cast member, according to Radar Online. Fernanda actually appeared on the show last season, teaching a Brazilian Booty workout, and promises to add some spice to the show with her open bisexuality. Wowzers… that's one way to keep things hot in the OC.

& coming soon the all-new "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," starting october 14.

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but they didn't say anything about who's in or out in dc


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