Tuesday, October 12, 2010

j'dore adore?

omg it's a time machine back to 2008. ah the sweet memories of a ginormous blog tear drop falling when domino folded.

well now there is an aussie mag called adore that takes u right back to the domino days. talk about copy cat chic.

i guess things take longer 2 travel down under & they haven't gotten the 411 that everything they adore is kind of over.

still kudos (kudos?) 2 them 4 faithfully recreating & ripping off domino. it is so nostalgic.

they have a green story, steal this look shopping pages, travel stories, young girly designers, cute office stories. gag.

they love all the things blogs hate now, orchid plants & sunburst mirrors.

it's summer on the other side of the equator (look it up u dweebs), so it's kind of weird to 2 see summer shit when we r gushing about cashmere.

they don't mean 2 b funny & gwd doesn't mean 2 b mean, but this mag is hilars.

so trip down memory lane, back 2 the carefree days of trellis & foo dogs.

count the trendz we all luv 2 hate. antlers, words as art, black kitchen (yes there's one in this issue!), art groupings on walls, cute girly office stuff. bloggers could do this mag with eyes closed.

thank u adore home! can't wait 4 the next issue.

go here to get that warm dejavu feeling.

ps the new issue of lonny happens 2 rock. we r evolving. here


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