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Classic Colors Interior Design

The Color in Interior

Luxury Purple Interior Design Ideas
Luxury Purple Interior Design Ideas

The color of the furniture should be consistent with the colors of the rest of the interior. Matter of personal choice in what range to be selected, but it is important to note that each color creates a different mood in the atmosphere of the luxury room in the perception and therefore the people. Our advice is to draw from the colors of nature and to create comfort and relaxation with purple, yellow and green.

Luxury Living Room Interior Ideas
Luxury Living Room Interior Ideas
The colors and accessories in the Classic home must comply, as to your personal preferences and the season of the year. Winter, for example, has its own requirements for comfort, which is easily achievable in the following manner recommended decorator light, almost white flowers as the main part of the color palette.

Modern Red Interior Design
Classic Red Interior Design
As to accessories, sunny colors like yellow, red and orange are most suitable for creating a sense of warmth and comfort in luxury homes. Let's not forget the textile, which enriches the situation being on the couch, bedroom or in the form of a thick curtain of the window.

Modern Green Interior Decoration
Classic Green Interior Decoration
Natural materials like cotton and wool textiles are mandatory, can be used as fibrous materials, especially when the sofa is leather. Pillows are an important part of the` , and the charm of its decorations such as buttons, embroidery, sequins and others. bring focus to the completeness and diversity.

Modern Yellow Interior Design
Classic Yellow Interior Design
Pillow easy to decorate, just to leave the imagination to lead you. Let's not forget the carpets, which are very important during the winter season. Even placed just under the table in the living room or dining room, they must see and are in line with the color gamut in the room, as recommended are again bright and sunny colors and fabrics of long fibers.

 Blue Living Room Design
Blue Living Room Design


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