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Classic Curtains Interior Decoration

Classic Curatins Decoration

Modern Curtains Interior Decoration
Classic Curtains Interior Decoration
Before proceeding with the selection of curtains and drapes should determine the requirements for the room. Will it be a bedroom requiring greater occultation or living room where the curtains will be more as a decorative addition to the interior.
Whether the curtains should attract attention with an attractive color or are neutral and engaging. The neutral color curtains do not have to comply with the other colors of furniture and a future replacement of the furniture will not have to change and curtains to match the new furniture and new interior as a whole.

Modern Curtains Decorating
Classic Curtains Decorating
Curtains must be current in all seasons, unless they prefer to change according to season.

Modern Curtains Decoration
Classic Curtains Decoration
Curtain dimensions must be taken very precisely by the size of the curtain rail spacing and 1.2 cm from the bottom of the curtains to the floor. In doing heavy curtains should provide sufficient length for good looking set, which is 1,5 to 2 times the length of the window itself or the finished harvested walleye.Account and a few centimeters in sewing hem of the curtain.

Curtains Interior Decoration
Curtains Interior Decoration
Prior must be aware what kind of curtain rail to use. Matters and how and where the rails mounted in making arrangements for curtains. Channel PVC rails are mounted on the ceiling, a cylindrical wooden and metal rails can be installed both on the wall above the window and the ceiling, although in rare cases. Advantage in the assembly of the wall that can vary the height of the rail with 10-20cm.

Curtains Interior Design
Curtains Interior Design
Which is enough to compensate for any discrepancy between the measured height and ear height of the finished curtain. Whatever track you use, the curtain is hanging on by their hooks with PVC to slide rails or rings.

Modern Curtains Interior
Classic Curtains Interior
Fabrics for curtains are many different types, the most fundamental divide as intended - thick curtains, full dimming (Black out, black out), or transparent and translucent curtains (veils).

Modern Curtains Design
Classic Curtains Design


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