Friday, February 5, 2010

Luxury Wall Decoration Design

Wall Decoration

Luxury Wall  Decoration Interior Design
Luxury Wall Decoration Interior Design
You are asked to choose the place and to decorate the wall with a rich assortment of flowers, figures, birds, abstract paintings, color points according to your taste and preferences. Your choice and be enriched by the French designer Matala Krassen, whose humorous collection of "patches" can revitalize and stylized each wall.

Modern Wall Decoration Ideas
Classic Wall Decoration Ideas
There are other ways to decorate a wall that can be met by your personal participation, ie on your project. Decoration can be performed directly on the wall or on removable panels that are moveable panels. After they hang decoration or incorporated into the wall. The decoration may cover one or more walls, well in advance is to make a computer project to help you in extraction of ideas of what would seem the wall.

Modern Wall Decoration Design
Classic Wall Decoration Design
So at exactly the future you can comply with the specific decoration of the interior features of your room and make a single and unique decoration. You will find art in their home and decorated wall to adjust hue, dyes and color of the furniture and various accessories.

Modern Wall Decor Design
Classic Wall Decor Design
For the implementation of the decoration is needed to make a decision on how that will decorate the wall directly, or on the plane. Information such as position and size of the wall and the space in which it is located is very important. Depending on the finish of the interior can be designed only wall or if the interior is finished to a picture on which to project into effect, so that decoration should be consistent all the items of furniture.

Modern Wall Decoration
Classic Wall Decoration


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