Monday, February 1, 2010

not sexy

another blog called these sexy. looks like the shit fangtonio would use.

Poltrona Corona


Finlandia Cavallino Zebrato

Finlandia 2

Finlandia 3

Finlandia 4

G & G Italia is known for very ornate, Baroque-style framing with high-quality fabrics which when combined become very posh and unique furniture. They have some of the most elaborate arm chairs (such as Finlandia, Filippo, and Poltrona Corona), with frames in modern finishes, such as lacquered black, white, and red; as well as golds and silver. Upholstery with graphic prints and leathers are added to the intricate frames, becoming interestingly sexy chairs. Of course, you can use your own COM to match your decor as well.

Visit G & G Italia for more options and information.

from Vamp Decor


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