Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a bad case of the stripes in a showhouse

u have to click on the images to make them bigger 2 truly see this. r designer showhouses really getting this lame?

fail: stripes upon stripes upon stripes. fail: fugly coffee table and stool. fail: tiny couch with big arms - for f'sake the fugly coffee table is as big as the couch. fail: fugly drapes with tape edge, and fugly dated rod. fail: hideous painting trying to be a clever reference 2....STRIPES.

fail: more friggin stripes & another fugly stool. fail: cheap looking side table with more metal leg action...stools, coffee, side table all have gold metal legs. fail: fugly bust that looks like it's gonna fail over. fail: space 2 small for the couch 2 b there. fail: scale of the whole space plan.

fail: tape edge furniture condom. fail: penis art in a red frame no less. fail: more stripes AND a greek border. fail: boring lamps throughout the whole design.

fail: more stripes & cheap looking ballard design type print on cubes. fail: 2 many matchy matchy chino light fixtures. possible fail: red, white. & blue color scheme, unless there's some patriotic theme going on & in that case gwd will take ralph lauren any day over this. fail: over use of popular patterns, stripes, greek key, geometric. was there a super sale at fabric.com?

student work? hell no! this is a DESIGNER SHOWHOUSE done by a very popular designer who could & should do alot better.

if this was done on a budget, budget decorating does not equal crap. even u bloggers do better than this. really. if this were a home decorator it would b cute. but a showhouse? no can b. or maybe the concept of the showhouse is over & out.


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