Monday, September 6, 2010

tug on it

venus williams has tennis outfit problems.

John McEnroe: I think that dress has distracted [Venus].

Dick Enberg: It's distracting you.

McEnroe: That's a fair point.

Enberg: It sounds like it might be a distraction to her opponent.

McEnroe: Well, she's tugging at it. She's uncomfortable with it.

Mary Carillo: She uses that fabric a lot in her designs, John. And for the last couple of years we've seen her have to correct her outfit after every point.

CBS went so far as to later display a "tug count" that tallied the number of times Venus and opponent Peer pulled at their respective dresses following a point. At the time, Venus was leading Peer 42 to four.

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other than the tug issue, do u like her outfit? i think it looks cheap & juvenile .

& the dweebs at cbs should do a count contest of how many times guys tug on their shorts.


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