Wednesday, September 8, 2010

nate is like jesus

the blog world is going crazy for nate. if u can crawl 2 ny get tkts 2 the taping or die. more pics here

his charisma is unbelievable! sexy, warm, for real!

he lives in new york now. far away from oprah heehee who is having trouble controlling her boy toy here.

here r pics of his new ny apartment from us mag here

he says he decorates with 90% vintage & old stuff.

the black photo is by oswaldo ruiz. the stairs in the back of the living room look so real don't they? but they're a photo 2!

the ruiz photo is all black except 4 the image of the ranchero at the bottom.

nate's living room has a cool leather pod snail thing.

the leather rhino was his mom's & she finally gave it 2 him after he begged her for like 10 years.
u can buy 1 on ebay here 4 some reason rhinos are really popular now here.

nate collects & loves books. he says everyone needs a collection bc it makes a space personal.

he also uses his all his dishes. he says use ur good stuff!

he also loves framed photos & framed notes & letters. again he says this makes ur space personal.

nate's bedroom. sigh. there r two in his apt.

nate's new apartment has a great view of the hudson river. it's in chelsea. wonder if he walks to work.

enjoy & borrow these photos while u can. oprah is making bloggers take down photos of nate's ny apartment.

"The Nate Berkus Show” premieres Monday, September 13th in syndication. Check local listings for times.


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