Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quiet Time

Comforting isn't it? Reminds me of one of my favorite reads:

Remember WHOSE you are. You are God's child

Remember WHAT God has promised you - the priceless gift of eternal life

Remember WHO will see you through -God will protect you until you reach your final destination: heaven.

Remember WHY God lets you go through trials - God wants to test the genuineness of your faith so that your life will result in praise and glory when Jesus returns. Although it is great to spend time on a "spiritual mountaintop" we cannot stay there forever. More often than not, at the bottom of that mountain lies cold, hard reality. Yet fruit grows best in the valleys not on the mountaintops. Our greatest character development takes place when we take what we have learned on the mountaintop and put it into practice in the valley.

I have posted this before HERE, thank you to Kara once again for sending it to me.

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