Monday, May 24, 2010

sex and the city 2, golden or golden girls?

sex and the city 2 looks so past its prime, like an old movie from say, 1942, or the old sitcom the golden girls.

the black & white pic is from an old movie u can see on turner classic movies called "road to morocco" with bob hope, bing crosby, & dorothy lamour (who?).

thursday sex and the city 2 opens. it looks so corny, like the road 2 morocco or something.
gwd gleaned some pics with interiors showing. jeremy conway is doing the honors again, as is pat fields 4 costumes, the same director, the same producers, the same cast, the same old same old.

the girls have the 2 year itch. samantha is still single & going thru menopause. she's kind of like bea arthur in the golden girls.

charlotte is going nuts with the kids rocking her perfect world. miranda needs 2 get out of brooklyn. carrie discovers big is a couch potato & needs 2 scratch the 2 year itch.

samantha has a pr job in abu dhabi, & brings the girls along 4 a little glam luxury getaway. it's filmed in morocco cause abu dhabi ain't that liberal, though the girls have some screw ball feminist moments, like singing karaoke to "i am woman."

oh yeah, before the girls leave for the road 2 morocco, stanford & anthony get married, & liza minelli performs at their wedding reception. she sings a wobbly voice version of beyonce's "single ladies".

is it so bad that it will be good? have we moved on from bling & cosoms & fashion porn? why does it look like a francesca's closet store?

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