Wednesday, May 12, 2010

r u ready 2 throw out ur old magazines?

stacks & stacks of old decor & fashion magazines. u know u have them. paper is cockroach and mouse crack. they just love it. gwd is ready to pitch all the old domino mags.

but gwd is green & would love to recycle. if u put a frame on a mag cover, does it make it art?

u could rip out the pages & make wallpaper.

or make a wreath.

i mean this is fugly, just saving them on shelves or in boxes or wherever they end up.

more mags as wallpaper.

there is even some designer wallpaper made to look like magazines.

but why not just slap up the ones u have on a wall?

if ur into folding paper, u could make wall sculpture. gwd is not going 2 this!

there r ready made mirrors made out of old mags here

but maybe u could make a mirror frame urself.

more wallpaper from newspaper, but u could use mag pages.

or u could stick them on the ceiling & make a crazy ass ceiling medallion.

or maybe it's time 2 take them 2 the dump recycling center.


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