Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ah! I Can't Believe It

When the lovely Dayka e-mailed me asking if I was in a YouTube video with my BFF Thom Filicia I thought she must be mistaken. After all, all the videos of us -shopping in New York, antiquing in Paris, drinking mimosas at brunch- to this point have only been in my head. Ahem.

But to my amazement she was right, there I am (at second 17 to be precise) looking goofy, waving my arms with my chocolate stained shirt and all...

Normally, I would be too embarrassed to show you this since it was the end of a lonnnng January Market and clearly I was in need of some makeup, but it is not every day that a girl is linked to Thom.... in a non-imaginary way....sigh. Post from that day here....More on my BFF @


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