Monday, July 12, 2010

the girlys - girl world awards - yes or no

a shit storm of comments when gwd asked for category ideas.
pent up emotions erupt.
haters & lurkers let loose.
& some good ideas and luv 2.
feelings get hurt, feathers get ruffled, egos get sucked.
others don't give a flying fuck & let it roll off the ass crack.
is any press good press?
r anons the assholes of the world?
can an anon comment b considered honest?
u know the girlys r not real awards, don't u?
gwd likes 2 know what we really think of each other.
even mean girl crit can b constructive.
we all start 2 believe the shit we write in blogs is keeping it real.
u just cannot b loved by everybody all the time.
& what about the ones that don't get any flak or fame.
r they better or worse for it? crying because they r overlooked? or breathing a sigh of relief like sitting in the front row of a comedy club & the comic doesn't call you an ass hat.
gwd says use the mean girl shit 2 make u write some new material. there's gold there.
the nominating committee is drunk & says fuck it.
what say u.


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