Friday, July 2, 2010

the girlys -girl world decor awards - categories please

well peeps it's that time again! time 4 the girly awards! the committee is meeting in secret.

what categories would u like?

for instance: blogs that want 2 be decorno, braggart blogs u hate, granny blogs, gay blogs, guy blogs, hipster blogs u hate, foreign language blogs, bloated blogs, self appointed know it all blogs, rich girl blogs, pretty mindless blogs, mommy blogs, christian dating blogs, celeb blogs, posers & wannabes, pros that rock, pros that wank, domino re hash blogs, tv blogs, mag blogs & sites, crafty blogs, diy blogs, couples blogs, turds & dweebs, picture blogs, art blogs, blogs that don't get no respect, blogs r us, pompous & pumped up, hall of fame, hall of shame

just suggest categories now.

nominees come later.


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