Thursday, May 6, 2010

worst mothers day gifts

don't be a douche. get your mother something nice. no drug store crap at the last minute. no limp super market flowers. no cheap-o coupons for chores around the house that u should already be doing. no crappy breakfast in bed (with a dirty kitchen 4 her 2 clean). no tacky cheap looking jewelry. nothing 2 do with cooking or cleaning. no gift certificates 4 massages.

try: designer purse, really good perfume, a gorgeous book, a work of art, dinner or lunch at her favorite fancy place, an orchid plant, cash, an iPad, diamond stud earrings (at least 1 carat for each ear), cashmere, a really good gift card to her favorite home furnishing site or store.

all u moms out there, tell us what u want. really.

go here to see more things not 2 get.


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