Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Client Before & After- Living Room

I have to say that I'm seriously blessed with amazing clients.  Helping someone design her/his home is a very personal process and there's a lot of trust associated with it.  I'm fortunate in that I get to work with such special people.  I don't know how it's happened, but somehow, all of my clients are warm and smart, and just so much fun to be around.  (I find myself thinking how some of them would click so well with each other and be instant friends, but they've never actually met in reality.  Maybe one day I'll have to have a big party.)   Exhibit A:

{This cute message was written on the chalkboard when I went to visit Sandy & Emma the other day}

One of mu clients, Sandy, makes her own homemade pastas & breads (focacia!!!)  and sells them at the Farmer's Market.  She sells out every week, and I've had some, and know why.  Below is Sandy wih her super-sweet daughter Emma on the left (who wrote the sign) in their gorgeous kitchen:

{Emma & Sandy in the kitchen where the magic happens...  Dave, her husband, wasn't there for the pic}

Had to include this close-up of the pasta:

{The orange is roasted red pepper & garlic-- oh my gosh it's so good, we literally just added olive oil and a teensy but of salt, & parmesan and it was amazing...  so easy!!}

When I arrived at Sandy & Dave's house the first time they were in the middle of having it painted, so my "before" shots are a little chaotic.  Here's the view from the living room into the dining room:

And here's the living room, which was being painted the softest blue:

The leather sofa and rug were hiding beneath the tarp:

..Along with two pretty yellow wing chairs:

As I was falling asleep one night, I had a minidream that we switched the leather sofa with the brown-green English arm sofa in the study and so here's the switch:


Sandy's style is very relaxed, soft, pretty, comfortable, subdued, natural, cheerful...  It has a little bit of a "garden" feel to it and she's attracted to botanicals and soft florals.  I wanted to lighten up the space and make it feel like 'her' by using things she's collected over the years along with some new pieces.  (I love "borrowing" from other rooms ;)  We're not completely finished- a little tweaking to be done here and there- and the photos aren't styled, but you'll get the idea. 

Anyway, here's the "before" again:

And here it is now:

We had Sandy's botanicals framed and used them as the focal point for the room.  Sandy loved my entryway and wanted a similar look.  I had a soft linen slipcover made (in one of my favorite fabrics ever which you might recognize) for her large ottoman (taken from the basement...  the leather one went in its place.) 

Sandy loves her burlap shade lamps and they (along with the seagrass and flowers) give it that natural feeling we needed.  I had pillows made in blues and greens.  Check out the rectangular pillow below.  I'm so crazy over that thing!! {I used a design by Jackie Von Tobel from her Design Directory of Bedding Book, which is my go-to source for pillow/bedding ideas.}  We're almost finished with the room with only a few minor final touches to go!! (including pillows for the yellow chairs, so I'll be sure to post when we're finished.)

The vintage floral tray on the ottoman was one I bought a few years ago, and when Sandy needed "the perfect" tray for the ottoman for drinks, books, etc., I immediately thought of it.  As much as I love it (yes, I know, I shouldn't "love" objects, but I do get attached ;)  I love it even more at Sandy's.  It was meant for the room and seeing these pictures makes me so happy.  (tickled, really! haha.. I'm in a silly mood)  Anyway, we're still working on artwork in the adjoining dining room, so I'm going to wait to show pics but I have to share a little peek of the curtains we had made:

I used the reverse of a fabric to get this sunny yellow color and had it banded in white linen for some added casual detail.   

Here's one last picture and I should also mention that Sandy found the end tables at Lucketts- one of my favorite local shops!!

I hope you enjoyed and thanks so much to Sandy, Dave & Emma!!

xoxo, Lauren

ps- If you're in the Northern Virginia/ DC area and are looking for some insanely good pasta, visit Sandy at the Farmer's Market.  Info here  She sells out every time so be sure to get there early!!

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