Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Guilty Pleasure- Pink

Confession time:  I really like Victoria's Secret's PINK. I see middle school girls wearing PINK.   I'm 28 and I love PINK.  There, I said it.  There are days when I'm in sweats from sun up to sun down.  PINK's clothes just fit so well- they have a longer leaner fit and the sweats are long enough in both the legs and arms which pretty much never happens for me.  (I can't stand it when my wrists or ankles peek out of sweats and so have long been a PINK convert...  They come so long that even after repeated washings they still fit!)


And so... am pumped that they now have an NFL line!!  (All Bears & Redskins pictured here to represent my two cities ;)

want this sweatshirt

love this t-shirt

Now they need to carry JMU!! 

xoxo, Lauren

ps-  I just worked out so hardcore... When I was pregant the first time (3+ years ago) I made a 30 minute "BABY BUMP WORKOUT" Video with one of my best friends, Lindsey -supposedly a joke but actually exhausting- that I would do to stay in shape.  The workout is to music (some of my favorite "training songs" - think Cutting Edge) and in the video I talk like Joan Cusack- "dont'cha know" (no idea why I did this??)- and we wear sweatbands halfway down our foreheads.   It's ridiculous but Christian (my 3 year old) & I just did it together and I am sweaty!!!! yay!!  (And I feel like I just hung out with Lindsey :)  If I can figure out a way to get a clip on here I will . It is so ridiculous.

{#2- Justin}

And just to clarify- I'm not pregnant now-  just doing the workout! ;)


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