Thursday, August 19, 2010

Love The One Your With- Bright, Bold, Beautiful

One of the earlier posts I made on this blog was called, "Love the One Your With" and pointed out some things I love in my own house. It is human nature (and doubled if you read blogs) to want to change your house or wish for more. Sometimes it is good to sit back and focus on what we already have that we love. So I decided to do a guest blogger series with this theme and I am so pleased to start with Laura from Bright, Bold & Beautiful! By now I am sure you know I think Laura is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S, of course as an artist but also as a dear blogger friend!

Thank you Marianne for including me in this lovely series! I guess you can say that I really do practice what I preach... In every room in my home, there are bright, bold, and beautiful colors... found in my upholstery, wall color, and yes, my watercolors!

This photo is my favorite corner in the main living room. With the bright yellow wall color as the back drop, the tropical watercolor paintings really stand out.
In the same room, my abstract watercolor painting with rich jewel tone colors makes a statement above the mantle.
In my dining room, I painted simple florals and framed them all the same for a symmetrical look around the mirror.
Last, but certainly not least, my art studio is where I get my inspiration.Thank you Marianne for allowing me to invite you into my home!
Wow, thank you Laura! That was so fun, especially seeing the studio, I love to see where creative people work and I dying for a big work table.

For more from Laura be sure to visit her blog, Bright, Bold & Beautiful and her shop on Etsy!


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