Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear John (Robinette)

Dear John Robinette,

I hope I am not being to forward but I love you, well I should say love your work. Actually obsessed may be a more accurate word. When a client in Memphis sent me an image of a painting you did she was thinking of purchasing I almost feel out of my chair. I was hit by LOVE. She purchased two and I must admit I am feeling jealous. Beside the Memphis/Mississippi connection we share, what is most striking about your paintings is that they seem to actually glow. This weekend in Oxford I was able to view some of your works in person at the Southside Gallery...They were setting up for the show, that is why these are on the floor....
This one will be mine one day, no not the big one....
This little guy right here....See the reserved for Marianne Strong sign right beside it (okay maybe that is just a plug but a girl can dream can't she?)
Saving my pennies...

More Images HERE


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