Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Modern Twist on Classical Designs -- Part III

A talent I've recently found that is taking modern twists on classical designs to a new level is Ken Pursley out of Charlotte, North Carolina.  His work is outstanding.  Doing both renovations and new construction, his take on design is fresh and current while maintaining a classical approach to architecture.

One of my favorite things about his work is the mixture of classical exteriors with extremely crisp interiors.  Few have the ability to mix the two.  Ken has done an excellent job of it.  I will be following his work for a long time.  What is so great about this approach is that any of these homes will fit in with the old neighborhoods across the country.

Here is his take on a Scottish Revival:

Look at the detail on the french doors below.

Here are a few images of a Colonial Revival he did.  All fresh, clean and beautiful.

Here is an English Kitchen and Garden Folly (as he calls it).  I love this kitchen.

Notice the ceiling below and the view of the "Garden Folly"

And another renovation he did:

I love the way he designed this alcove for the master bed.

Ken, like others I've covered, used to work for Bobby McAlpine.  Another great example of beautiful architecture in the south mixing classical designs with modern interiors.  Hope you enjoyed. You can find more of his work at www.pursleyarchitecture.com.  Don't miss the images of his studio.


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