Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Projects

I hope you all had as great of a weekend as we did. Between the beautiful weather and birthday parties we did manage to do just a few projects. Since we moved in (almost 3 years ago) we have needed curtains for the kitchen window. As it goes around here, I could not decide what fabric to use and then answer came to me- literally. This fabric was ordered accidentally for a client and when it didn't work I knew exactly what to do with it.....I have to say I love it. My husband and I both really like the industrial look so we had a rod cut from pipe at Home Depot and the rings are just metal clips.
We have so much beautiful pottery (mainly The Good Earth, Peter's and McCartys) and I hate that is stays out of view most of the time so I am working on ways to display it. This Good Earth fish was the first to find a home on the wall. Above the entry to the dining room, I love that is so visible. I am thinking about doing a whole pottery wall but it makes me nervous (I would hate to break one).
Among other new things is a pair of iron lamps made from an antique railing and a picture of a church from my Dad's most recent trip to Europe. I couldn't find shades I loved so I painted these from Target a gray and they look pretty good.
Not sure why it looks funny in this picture...
This weekend I was looking around my house and I realized as much as I love serene monotone interiors, I need pattern and color. While I could look at homes in only whites and neutrals all day, for myself it seems I need a little more. For example the living room curtains, they are bold and quirky but I really love them....
This surprises me since in magazines I am always drawn to the more subtle rooms. One last edition was the metal pot on the porch (can you see it outside) that holds a recent gift from my wonderful Mother-In- Law, love the pot, the plant and her!
Here is a picture of the curtains closed (not that they ever will be really), see what I mean- I must be a pattern person after all.
PS- Look for a giveaway involving something related to the fox print above very soon.


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