Friday, March 26, 2010

tinsley mortimer

i like this girl. she has a really bad reality tv show (high society on the cw), & i don't even know if it's still on past the first episode. tinsley mortimer is pictured above in her new tv home, her post divorce single girl pad. she brought alot of stuff from her married life posh apartment.

there r alot of tinsley bashers out there. i don't think she's so bad. she's rich, from an upper end family from virginia. her mom is an interior designer & i think she helps tinsley make her apartments so pretty.

tinsley is pretty & she wears great clothes. i don't know if she has any blond ambition, other than marrying well, which she did, and now it's over. i think her headboard is awesome.

of course she had a great closet.

all of these pictures r from her married apartment.

i luv the old things with the modern colors, and a few modern pieces and fabrics. the portrait of the lady is a relative of robert e. lee, & maybe tinsley loves it because it's from virginia. she took the lady portrait with her 2 her new single girl apartment.

if i lived in a rich and wealthy girl world, i might live like tinsley.


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