Sunday, March 7, 2010

human flesh search

no one is safe.
passwords r worthless.
anon blogs r a joke.
anon comments even a bigger joke.
human flesh search is an internet practice in china,
read about it here.
if a bunch of knee jerk "netizens" want to find u & wreck ur life they can do it in less time then u can say 6 degrees of separation in chinese.
cyber posses of cyber vigilantes spend hours a day prowling the internet for prey.
it's just a matter of time until this shit makes it here.
they're coming 2 get u.
hackers already can easily trace anything u do.
facebook & twitter & online shopping & yes even blogging open ur door to human flesh search.

now on another subject -
i started gwd as an experiment. i wanted an anon place where i could say what i want. a place where u could say what u want. free of identity & blog crush fawning 4 comments & followers, free of fake blog personalities, just a place 2 put it out there & watch what happens. gwd is over a year old now & the experiment is a bit of a bore.

now on another subject -
anon bloggers report me 4 abuse & blogger spanks me, deleting my posts & warning me that my blog can be deleted if i don't shape up. u have no way 2 answer ur accuser or even know who they r. this can happen 2 u 2.
the posts blogger pulled have 2 do with mr. & mrs. douche, m21 & habitually chic. gosh i wonder who's reporting me 2 blogger?!
anyone else out there getting their blog posts pulled by blogger? don't b embarrassed 2 tell us about it. image use is the issue u should all b concerned about. giving credit doesn't absolve ur wrong doing.

now on another subject -
i punked out. gwd is yet another inane scrapbook of images, another rip off blog with no originality.

i used 2 want 2 critique & review other blogs, out the really stupid ones, the ones with posers and pompous asses, the ones with goody 2 shoes good girls, the ones with old granny hags gushing about their cottage lady decor love, the ones who just link u 2 the ny times because ur 2 stupid 2 read it urself, the decor porn scrap bookers puking out the same old same old & all those endless tablescapes & shopping lists.

i thought it would be a way 2 shake things up. but after awhile all the geeks & douches r just so pitiful that it's not fun 2 poke it with a stick. & i don't have 2 tell u who sucks or who's for real. u r smart enough 2 know.

now on another subject -
i luv the blog "goddamit i'm mad", & want 2 pay sister wolf homage 2 her "fucking cunt of the week award". her award & that phrase are trade marked, so i thought about paraphrasing her award for gwd: the twat of the week award or the camel toe of the week.
sister wolf disses lots of other bloggers & celebs, & no one seems 2 b spanking her. i need 2 ask her the secret.

i hate those lame awards bloggers give 2 one another, with these stupid chain letter directives 2 tell us 7 things about urself & ask 5 other blog bitches 2 do the same. blogs r already stuffed 2 the gills with everything u want to know (& some shit u don't want 2 know) about the blog authors who write about themselves.

the twat of the week award is 1 i am sure u would all welcome & proudly display on ur blog.
ditto for the camel toe of the week.

who should i give it 2? yeah sure, give it to myself. now who else?


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